SmokTech Tumbler Tank

SmokTech Tumbler Tank

SmokenJoey At Spinfuel Video Review Smok Tumbler Review

The SMoktech Tumbler is a bottom coil tank made by Smoktech. This 2.4ohm single coil Bottom coil tank has a good strong hit and excellent vapor production. Bottom coil tanks have a superb clean flavor, and reduced wicking issues. The Tumbler has a replaceable atomizer head and holds about 2.5ml of e-liquid. The Tumbler has an eGo connector, but unlike most eGo clearomizers or cartomizers, the ARO uses the outer threads of the eGo battery.  Therefore, if you are using a device with a 510 connector it will be necessary to use a 510 to eGo adapter (sold separately). The center post of the connector is unsealed. There is a vent hole in the bottom of the tank which provides the right amount of airflow. The shape of the Tumbler has smooth flowing curves and has a frosted tank. The top of the tank tapers and thus needs no drip tip.


To fill the Tumbler – unscrew the bottom of the tank, hold the tank upside down and fill with about 2 to 2.5 ml of E-Liquid. With the tank mouthpiece-end down, screw the atomizer head back on. To replace the heating element unscrew the bottom of the tank. The heating element unscrews from the base


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2 thoughts on “SmokTech Tumbler Tank

  1. Capt Donna

    Got 3 Kits after seeing SmokenJoey’s review – then bought 4 more after that.
    Talk about PLUMES of vapor – love the Tumbler FLAVOR nuances show up that I didn’t get before!
    Between my Evod clearos and Tumblers I’m now set on tanks for awhile!
    Was told that the coils would not interchange, however I’m vaping on a Tumbler with a fresh out of the wrapper Evod coil – working with no problems!
    Thanks SJ!!!!


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